Saturday, November 21, 2009

(4) Consciousness & Complexity

Just looking around, in my own professional environment, it was
easy to figure that Teilhard was moving in the right direction when
it came to his ideas.

Today there are thousands of interlinking computer networks
representing all the domains of the planet. Not only are academic
researchers and scientists connected, but creative minds of every
stripe are connected as well by the computer. And there is a growing
expectation that the enhancement of computer sophistication and
capability points towards the eventuality of a global brain. Yet,
something more seems to be required than the linkage of computers
as we know them. Indeed, something is looming on the horizon.
Almost as if emerging out of an evolutionary destiny, there is the
advent of "Artificial Intelligence," (AI).

Through the efforts of AI researchers and cognitive theorists, we
are steadily arriving towards the conclusion that the realm of
Intelligence may indeed consist of intricate, interlaced knowledge-
processing networks whether housed in animal, human, computer,
or cosmic!